031/365 – Enjoyment

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I enjoyed my cinnamon streusel muffins and my cookies and cream kisses. Now to clean up the mess


030/365 – Bliss

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My husband picked this up for me when he picked up some little groceries for tomorrow’s breakfast. Each time he stops, he tries to get me a different flavor that he thinks I like. Started with pomegranate, and my first reaction was “I don’t like this” before I even tried it, LOL! I guess he proved me wrong. So far, only flavor I haven’t liked too much was the pear, which really didn’t surprise me. Not a fan of pears, period.

029/365 – No More Raining on My Head

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When I would open this cabinet, things would fall down on my head, due to bad organization. Well, I reorganized it and now no more danger from falling plastic, 😆 !

028/365 – Sound Sleeper

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Sound Sleeper
He was so out that I spent five minutes snapping pictures in his room and he never even moved or twitched. AWW!

027/365 – Lunch Eater

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My son, enjoying his turkey, cheese, and mater sammy!

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026/365 – Lunch is Served

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Lunch for a very happy little boy: honey baked turkey, American cheese, apple sauce (green apple!!), and broccoli. After, he asked me for some tomato, which I also gave him. To drink, it was apple juice. Someone was very happy with his lunch 🙂

025/365 – Madison

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Madison, ready for school. She looked so adorable!!

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