145/365 – Bumblebee on a New Cast

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Ethan got a cast put on. Its a cool red color. He’s been saying he wants a red one since he broke it on Thursday.

I took this shot because I thought it was cool. It looks cool, IMO.


144/365 – Learning Shapes

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144/365 – Learning Shapes, originally uploaded by Snap 2 Scrap.

We’re doing our best to make sure Ethan is ready for the start of kindergarten, and that Madi stays ahead like she is in school. To help with that, we have “school at home” during the summer. So, we bought some workbooks so they can do those. Some of the ones we got also came with CDs so they can use the computer as well 🙂

143/365 – Baby Pinecones

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143/365 – Baby Pinecones, originally uploaded by Snap 2 Scrap.

I just absolutely love getting shots of nature. It’s also a great way to get some fresh air, and the chance for an escape from some very snotty little kids 😉

And sometimes husband 😆

142/365 – Surrounded by Turtles

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My son broke his arm, and to help keep it elevated, which helps with pain, he used his turtles, which is also his nickname. He’s doing a great job dealing with the pain and the lack of use his arm now has.