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you end up here because of a comment on a Weekly Winners post, make sure you head to my main blog: http://tm2ts.sarahsmidnightfantasy.com !!


No More Posting

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I’m not going to be posting pictures here anymore. Or blogging here. I have enough blogs and this one just isn’t necessary. Check out my others, though:




176/365 – Exploded Thistle

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176/365 – Exploded Thistle, originally uploaded by Snap 2 Scrap.

I’ve gotten shots of thistles in full bloom and now I have on after it “explodes”. So freaking cool!

175/365 – No “Butts” About It

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My aunt got all the greats (2 nephews, 1 niece) a shirt with horse fronts on the fronts and horse butts on the back. Mom asked me to get a shot of Madi and Ethan in them together. Yesterday was my chance 🙂

174/365 – Lounger

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174/365 – Lounger, originally uploaded by Snap 2 Scrap.

Madi is the queen of Lounge, 😉 She can find a comfy place anywhere.

173/365 – Sharing is Good

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173/365 – Sharing is Good, originally uploaded by Snap 2 Scrap.

Ethan got his cast off, and immediately wanted to go play with his toys that require being outside, :lol:!

172/365 – Wicked Clouds

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172/365 – Wicked Clouds, originally uploaded by Snap 2 Scrap.

Storm clouds are always so much fun to take pictures of!

171/365 – Birthday Girl and Daddy

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June 20, 2003 : Madi made her way into this world
June 20, 2010 : Madi turns seven and has “big dreams”

OH!! And Happy Father’s Day 😉

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